Job Posting: Marketing Director Needed!


Marketing Director needed for Fredericksburg Bible Institute and Seminary
(would focus on communication and design)

Full or Part-time

Job Requirements:
1. Bachelors Degree in Marketing, Media Arts & Design, Graphic Design, Digital Media, Communications with PR Concentration, or a related major
2. Experience in this field (internship, student organization, etc.)
3. Well-rounded, creative, enthusiastic approach

Tasks would include:

1. Working internally with professors and students to effectively communicate the importance of ministry and outreach
a. Meeting with professors to illustrate the importance of communication and
to demonstrate how this can be improved
b. Giving announcements to classes to convey to students the information
they need to spread the word to interested peers
c. Developing classroom and remote learning capabilities (tools and
curriculum enhancement, use of internet as both a knowledge base and
communications medium)

2. Working externally to spread FBIS’s influence to churches and schools in the community to draw in more potential students
a. Creating effective marketing strategies
b. Implementing outreach strategies to develop community networks of
c. Designing tools to include but not be limited to brochures, newspaper
advertisements, internet advertisements, website design, promotional video


1. Automated tools expertise – Word, Excel, Power Point

2. Use of Internet as knowledge base and communications medium

3. Remote learning tools knowledge and experience

4. Web, Facebook design, administration experience

5. Marketing concept and resource design capability

6. Presentation and negotiation skills

7. Christian background and beliefs, active in church (we are a nondenominational Seminary with an ecumenical student population)

To apply: Send resume with brief cover introducing yourself as a candidate to